Planning Applications

Planning applications are submitted to Aylesbury Vale Area (AVA)’s planning department and once validated these are sent to Parish Councils for consultation. Other agencies are also consulted – e.g. Highways, Environment, Heritage. Once all consultations are received and analysed it is up to AVA to determine whether or not an application is to be approved or refused. Decisions can only be judged against planning laws and guidelines – in particular the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). If a decision is disputed the applicant may appeal to the Planning Inspectorate which then makes a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

Applications can be searched in detail by visiting the AVA planning portal and entering the application number or address. Members of the public may also make comments via the AVA planning portal.

Current Applications:

21/00839/APP | Change of use of land to create additional garden to include small decking area and steps (retrospective) | The Stables Cane End Farm 

21/00033/APP | 21/00034/ALB | External and internal alterations to the existing house, demolition of existing outbuilding and with a new glazed link between farmhouse and dairy. Minor landscaping work to suit. | Grove Farm 22 Rowsham Road 

21/00056/APP | Detached Garage | Manor Farm Bungalow The Green

20/04019/AOP | Outline planning application Proposed development of 14 x two bedroom bungalows for senior living and 1 x three bed bungalow for managers dwelling | Aylesbury Golf Centre Ltd Hulcott Lane Bierton – REFUSED by AVA

20/04035/APP | Change of use of land to residential garden (retrospective) and erection of greenhouse and shed | The Stables Cane End Farm – APPROVED by AVA

20/03331/APP | Erection of porch and front extension | Instant Landscapes Red Oak Farm

20/02357/COUAR | Determination as to whether prior approval is required in respect of transport & highway impact, noise, contamination risk, flooding and locational considerations for the conversion of agricultural barn into one dwellinghouse (Class Q(a)and in relation to design and external appearance of the building (Class Q(b). | Cane End Farm – REFUSED by AVA

20/02289/APP | Proposed retention of former stable block as residential annex | Instant Landscapes Red Oak Farm – APPROVED by AVA

20/02186/APP | Change of use of land to residential garden with swimming pool, pool house and garden shed (retrospective) | Instant Landscapes Red Oak Farm – APPROVED by AVA

20/00779/APP | Ground mounted solar farm with DNO substation, point of connection, ancillary infrastructure and associated works, landscape planting and access tracks | Hale Farm  

20/00921/APP | Retention of american barn and menage | Instant Landscapes Red Oak Farm – APPROVED by AVA

20/00923/AGN | Refurbish track road | The Stables Cane End Farm – APPROVED by AVA with restrictions

20/00915/APP | Proposed garden playhouse | 10 Rowsham Road Bierton – APPROVED by AVA

20/00201/APP | Retention of agricultural buildings and irrigation tank | Instant Landscapes Red Oak Farm – APPROVED by AVA with restrictions

20/00101/APP | Detached garage and entertaining space | Manor Farm Bungalow The Green – Application withdrawn